Trip to Frankfurt – August 2011

For the first time in (can’t remember, think ’98) ages, we actually had some time to see the city that we were visiting. After a couple of hard days and harder nights the whole e-commerce team did a boat trip down the Main in Frankfurt. To be fair, Frankfurt for a small city has an impressive skyline, especially lit up at night. But a dull river side!! Entschuldigen Sie.

On Friday we had lunch on the boat and did this route.

River cruise in Frankfurt

River cruise in Frankfurt - the route

Then we had a full 8 mins to find a cab and get to the airport and make the long Friday night travel home.

Here are the photos taken while still walking through the main square.

Frankfurt's main square - statue

Frankfurt's main square - statue

and kept walking and saw

Frankfurt's main square - impressive buildings

Frankfurt's main square - impressive buildings

and kept walking and one more click…

Frankfurt's main square - town hall or church?

Frankfurt's main square - town hall or church?

The square is very pretty – shame I didn’t get a chance to know what it was all about ! At least I got to see some of the place I visited.

Alternatively we all could use technology to take our own time to look around.

[googlemap lat=”50.110382258285334″ lng=”8.682171106338501″ align=”center” width=”630px” height=”440px” zoom=”19″ type=”G_SATELLITE_MAP”]60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany[/googlemap]

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