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Inbound Marketing presentation delivered at eTail Europe conf

Today I delivered this presentation at eTail Europe conference here in London, UK.

The title is “The future of SEO. Moving to a holistic inbound marketing strategy” with an earned media case-study thrown in for good measure.

I genuinely believe that in the future,  earning peoples attention will be the norm, rather than just pushing your way in front of them. By being, innovative, creative and “remarkable” then you will get more attention and loyalty than you could afford to buy.

In this presentation I try to lay out some history and context to the evolution of SEO and the changing search-scape. I introduce the new world of “inbound marketing” aka “earned media” or “content based marketing”.

Delivering this kind of campaign needs a lot of different skills. So, formulating a plan, organising “all of your brains” may need to organisational shift.  This stuff can be so much fun and hit multiple teams traditional objectives. SEO for links and social citations. For Social Media for Likes, RTs, shares, follows, subscribes. For branding, for PR,  to build loyalty and affinity with your brand. And many others.

The case study refers to My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket list. This is a campaign that SeSoMe delivered as an internal agency. Working with so many throughout the wider business and the franchise network. The 2nd half of the campaign starts in July when the winners travel for a full 6 months living like a local and ticking off their bucket list.

If you want to talk about this presentation or SeSoMe, just let me know.

Thanks to Joao for taking this picture from the audience.


Photo credit Joao da Costa

Photo credit Joao da Costa


Talking about social effects on SERPs visibility

eyefortravelEarlier today an interview I did for EyeforTravel was published. It is in their Social Media and Marketing section.

I am talking, quite tactically how social media activities can impact your visibility in the SERPs.

This follows some recent posts I have done here about, my presentation at Traverse conference and a some thoughts about the future of SEO.

The Power of Online Marketing presentation 5th March 2013

On the 5th March 2013 I was invited over to Ennis in County Clare hosted by My Destination Country Clare and in association with the Ennis Chamber. I was invited over to talk about the power of online marketing and to tailor the presentation to talk to about practical things local businesses can do with SEO and Social media. I also threw in some stats about how powerful Virtual Tours, Videos and other quality content for your users and your rankings alike.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

When we arrived and arranged the conference room there were lots of big foamex mounted pics, mostly for the toddler group, but some strange circus marketing posters. I took the picture below to be an [admittedly arrogant] sign of things to come. How was it going to fail after seeing this?

Say no more....

Say no more….

My disappointment with Twitter spam

I am currently seeing more and more, and getting disappointed how another internet service is getting abused. In one of my social media monitoring searches I saw the same user post @Someone for a whole (big) screen full.

I looked at the tweets and the profile and there are pretty wet at best. You will see a user with very little value, no followers, following only a few, and only tweets that are a reply / approach to someone.

You will get redirected to a site that tries very hard to look official and authoritative and tries to sign up people who can then tweet links to sites to earn money. So, this, what I, IMHO call “tweet spam” is exactly that to recruit people to become tweet spammers. Nice.

And if you were wondering on how it actually works, so that you can earn 400 to 500 pounds a day, it’s as simple as …

I guess the next frontier on web spam will be things like this. I guess this kind of activity will take place in person, by phone and online in some medium as long as there are ways to make free money. Its a tide I personally don’t like.

Rant over

Online reputation management

Does your reputation need a life-line?

Does your reputation need a life-line?

How to make your companies reputation management plan – online version.

Now some of this will depend on your industry and I don’t claim to be an expert in everything, well almost everything ! This post is meant to be a generic plan, a list of ideas or activities that you could consider in making your plan ready, sharing with all that need to be aware of it.

Why you might need a reputation plan?

The scenario you are likely to be in if you need an online reputation plan is normally not a good one. This may be your making (and you may deserve it?) or it may be through no fault of your own. But you should be ready with a plan that you or a number of people can turn on very quickly.

What might you be able to control?

The idea of this plan is to take control of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). This will allow you or your company to try and control what people fine who are looking for you. This is definitely not a fall-proof plan by any means. And depending on the topic you may actually want to stay quiet. But if you are informed and have a plan, then you have a choice to act or not to act.

A couple of simple current examples could the recent ash cloud from Iceland that has messed around with people travel and holidays. Through to natural disaster or pandemics e.g. earthquakes and swine flu.

Generic objectives

  • To provide emergency information
  • To surpress bad or damaging online content

The planning

You should take stock of all the digital assets and resources you could have in your arsenal.

These could commonly be:

  • Press Releases ready, with a hungry PR team/agency
  • PPC creatives – maybe to swithc from sales to customer service/advice
  • SEO page(s) with the appropriate key messages
  • Digital assets of images, video and the like

How to flood the SERPs and “own the page”?.

First of all check out the search demand in KW research tools, the autosuggest in Google and trending topics – to see if you the need to do anything. It might be a storm in your own office !! But if people and journalists are going to be searching for you or your company by name/brand you can try to flood the results.

In the modern Google world, with the latest QDF (Query Deserves Freshness) the blended results could contain a variety of media.

Leverage existing assets

  • TV ads online e.g. in YouTube or Vimeo. This could also be interview or TV appearance clips

Social media marketing

  • Facebook page – make updates and spark conversation
  • LinkedIn groups – as above
  • Twitter – get your own accounts working, support your other initiatives and spark others to RT or talk about you. If you trend, these will appear in the one box
  • Wikipedia – always shows on Information searches
  • Forum answering, Q&A – if appropriate, get involved
  • Guest post, get your big guns and names out

Sales and marketing channels

  • Get a lot of mentions on pages and social by releasing coupons and amazing deals

Normal comms and PR

  • If comments are out there – answer them and provide your side of the story (if you are right)
  • Use your PR teams to get you everywhere legitimately
  • Send our old, but ‘evergreen’ PRs, through all levels of distribution services, even through article and SEO ‘pr’ hubs
  • Bait journalists with more juicy stories / “distract them”

Paid activities

  • PPC/SEM with as many ‘sitelinks’ as you can buy to push the results down the page
  • Buy business directories

Leveraging your size & network

  • Get your name on your sister site companies, suppliers and friends. Make them also rank for your company name
  • Get your employees who blog to write

The outcome

The aim is to push the bad press down. This will only work if the opposition don’t go on a big hunt as they may be very motivated and may play nasty.

If you are trying to diseeminate information to help people this too can effective as sometimes if you don’t act, your reputation may suffer too.

If you know your position and you judge you can win, then you can make an informed choice.

Infographics are the future of diseminating information (and getting links)

Its true…. that any decent and fascinating information is easy to disseminate as an infographic. Especially if they are are interactive. They will get mentions (becoming more SEO important some believe) and inbound links alike and may even get passed around like an old school viral campaign.

I can prove that it will get links, I am linking to one here. I wish I could think of one that we could do to get this type of link for my or my current employers site.

So, what about this one here it is called “1945-1998” by Isao Hashimoto shows all the nuclear explosions around the world between 1945 and 1998. Press play and watch. It shows by country at the top and watch the year and month ticking by (top right).

As an enabler, Microsoft have just launched a potentially very interesting product called PIVOT.   It tries to let you interact with huge amounts of data with front end interaction to make information, interactive, fun and dynamic.  Imagine if you had some propriatory information or a huge public information archive and could mash it up and push it around a webpage into a custom shape. How powerful could that be.  In their demo they manipulate baseball cards with all the performance data behind. I believe you have to buy an expensive licence – but could be a fore-runner for things to come.

Long live the info-and-interactive-infographic.