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iPhone has a RSS reader kindof



I was struggling to find a free RSS reader for my iPhone.  Ideally I was hoping that there was going to be one of the parts of the Google Apps to make Reader work smoothly, but No!

Google reader works quite well in the web interface in horizontal mode, so not all too bad.

But I did find by accident, that the iPhone has a free RSS reader kind of built into the Safari browser.

If you view a RSS feed, you can book mark it and it is effectively a RSS reader.  Not that slick, but fully functional.  Think I will just use the web Reader version.

What is RSS? and how can it be used?

RSS - what is it?What is RSS. ? Well you may of seen this logo appear on websites and espexially sites that update their content very frequently.

It is defined as ‘Really Simple Syndication’. It means sharing data. What does that mean I still hear you ask and what does that mean to me?

Think of it as a distributable “What’s New” on websites.

On a practical basis you can get your news headlines in your ‘RSS Reader’ like receiving email ! This is the only current practical use to the average internet users. Many companies share data using XML. RSS is effecitively just like XML, and is another form of that but kindof for news and consumer content.

A program known as a feed reader or aggregator can check a list of feeds on behalf of a user and display any updated articles that it finds.

There are two main ones that I use for work and for personal info. The first is Bloglines, this is web based and has been around for a while. This has the advantage of being able to save Blog searches. And the other really popular web based one is Google Reader. This is my main one for my personal and professional reading.

I really like the BBC, (British Broadcasting Corporation) here in the UK for their explaination and they have been very good in setting up their services. They have adopted their content and it is good stuff. Take a look at their content.

Take a look at a RSS reader and have a play.

I get all my work news, news and sport direct to my ‘news inbox’ every day. It is addicitive and easier than trawling through your favourites to find new content.

Did this makes sense, any comments? A.