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Bing & Yahoo search alliance – migration has started for PPC

Bing bong

Bing bong

If you are running any search campaigns in the USA or Canada you should be aware that this week that Bing is starting to take over the natural search on “Yahoo search” results.

Once this has taken place, in their own words

“Bing will power 5.2 billion monthly searches, which is 31.6 percent of the search market share in the United States and 8.6 percent share in Canada”.

If you are running US or Canadian Paid Search on Yahoo they also inform us that there is a transition tool available to help you migrate your account over to the Bing interface. You will be invited over the next few weeks if you are an existing advertiser.

If you wish to have a sneak preview of their beta tool, you can see it here –>The Microsoft transition tool

Google changing its EU and UK trademark policy again

Google adwords on Trademark policy changes again

Google adwords on Trademark policy changes again

The big G announced on the 4th of August 2010 via a press conference and their blog.

Last year in the US, advertisers were allowed to use trademarks in their adverts even though they were not the trademark owner. This helped resellers, wholesalers, value add products and competitors. This is now being standardised globally.

So, as of September 14th 2010, in Canada, UK and Ireland advertisers will be able to do this too. Now, this is helpful if you are selling a case for a iPad etc.

The fact that is appended to this announcement is that at the same time, they will be able to use trademarks as keywords. For more specifics, they have some more information on the Google Adwords blog.

What are the likely impacts?

  • If you are a big brand with affiliates, resellers etc, your cost per click may rise, with increased levels of keyword competition
  • If there are alternative better ads, your click through rate may suffer
  • If you were not buying your brand and relying on SEO, then you may need to consider a change to your plan

How could you control this?

  • If it is your resellers or affiliates, check your terms and conditions of business as you may have that clause in a real contract
  • Ensure your set-up is really efficient, your CTR is high, quality score is high etc to leverage your history and position

If I was cynical, then I would suggest Google are just wanting more money. Or, its just freeing up, free-markets!

Google comparison ads are back

More evidence that you will never ever, ever need to leave Google. We can see that the Comparison ads are back for all to see.  I wrote some notes about a trial of this in a previous post almost a year ago >>

If you go to Google.com for Mortgages you will see this type of screen.

Mortgage comparison on Google.com adwords

Mortgage comparison on Google.com adwords

If you are running adwords, and you are in a competitive comparison rich areana, get clicking those ‘include’ me buttons today.

It seems to add value to their users, Google is once again working on supply chain integration (or is that eradication?).

Interesting articles 2009-03-17

Books image on adrianland.co.ukTrying to keep on top of the rss reader is near on impossible.  I have articles bookmarked and I will get to them.  I hope they are not out of date before I get to them !!

A slightly different tack from my normal straight SEO, but believe it or not I know a fair bit about PPC too.  Jennifer Slegg is showing how to stop your competitor from seeing (for competition reasons) or them burning your budget.  See her post called “How to prevent competitors from seeing your Adword ads“.

Once again the MSN Live people have another quality post.  This time they are talking about considerations international sites. The articles lays out some of the issues people have when doing international. They actually very helpfully spell out their criteria for deciding the intended audience of your site.  They list these in this order.  1) ccTLDs 2) Hosting, server location especially for .com .org etc. 3) the language of the body text on the page, 4) the locale of pages that link to the page.  This fits observations made in Google recently.  Thank you MSN.

On SEO theory is an article about duplicate content, causes and the new canonical url tag.  It lays out some things that I haven spouting for a while and is nice to read.  How duplicate content can dilute inbound link benefit, can ruin onsite search and if you are very unlucky a penalty.  But as we know it is more likely to be ignored.

Yahoo have another article about this canonical URL. Ysearch blog.

There were a couple of posts from Matt Cutts that caught my eye this week.  The first is about paid or sponsored links.  And he lays it out quite clearly that they are bad ! And the 2nd is about the number of links on a page.  There is a brief history lesson of why, when processors stopped around 100kb ! And how the rule-of-thumb should be for usability reasons as too many links are hard for users.  It acknowledges that it may follow more than a hundred (which we know from monitoring spiders onsite) but may not! and you will dilute page rank.

There have been in recent weeks many article about how social media is creeping into every day life and can be form an Twitdiction (trying to coin a phrase) and Business Week’s angle is about time management and how sites such as Twitter can actually help productivity.  Today, I posted a tech question and got an answer before I could leave the site !

We all love a classic what not to do to you site.  Here is one one Marketing Pilgram that is fairly good.  Take a look and enjoy.

Interesting articles 2009-03-05


An article by Steve Johnston’s consultancy on whether Affiliate links are or are not a paid link from Google’s position.  A bit old, from Oct 08, but came across this, this week.  So, lets not worry is the advice and run your affiliate programme and hopefully, maybe in the short term, you are adding links – on top of the normal justification for an affiliate programme.

This article on the new Econsultancy site is a very brave and overly honest casestudy of a domain migration.  You can see the story to-date here.

Going old-skool.  I have been making some robots.txt adjustments this week and have been re-using a classic.  Never forget Robotstxt.org for all your bot needs.

Another oldy-but-a-goodie on Link Bait.  An article I can across again this week during some research for a forthcoming cunning plan in social media.  Its amazing how simple solid articles stay the course of time.  See the Link Bait article.

A techcrunch article talking about the slow down in domain registrations.  I was actually also suprised by the number of .net registrations.  I maybe stupidly assumed that dot net was spammers.  The large dot cn probably are though.

This article shows a list of search engines and their employees who are using Twitter and giving another (if it needed any more help) push to the main stream for early adoptors.  See the original list on SELand.

Google Adwords price comparision functionality

The ever growing ways for Google to make money through adwords is increasing again. I saw this beta test in one of the more lucrative markets of loans.

If you do a search for “Secured loans”, you are likely to see something like this.

screengrab of the merchant beta test on google

You can put in the amount here or leave blank. If you go through, you are shown the suppliers who I am guessing at this stage are paying extra (if not, in time they will be).

the secured loans module on google via adwords

I wonder how many more verticals could end up inside Google?