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Thought for the day – PR

Just my humble thought for the day…

Following up from my thought about Brand the other week I was thinking about PR and how to deliver on what you say.

“Good Public Relations is actually good Relationships with the Public”


+vePR = RP+ve

Inside most organisations we talk about PR as a broadcast mechanism where, we, internally have an angle and then want to push that message through channels to ‘tell’ the end recipient what we stand for. This is especially relevent when we talk about disasters, crisis or reputation management etc etc. My ramblings today centre around the area of, why not be good, wholesome, and actually delivery on what you promise (hence my brand ramble) and then it is more of a “conversation” and sharing, rather than telling.

I am just thinking that PR, Social, Customer Experience and customer service, in the future will blur and if you deliver and have a good relationship with all users, or your early adopters you wont need to PR-them, you will just get good peer-level-PR (social, blog etc). And that will also get you the exposure through current channels by default as journalist, blogs, TV will pick up on the what-consumers-love-trends. But what do I know, just in IMHO.

My disappointment with Twitter spam

I am currently seeing more and more, and getting disappointed how another internet service is getting abused. In one of my social media monitoring searches I saw the same user post @Someone for a whole (big) screen full.

I looked at the tweets and the profile and there are pretty wet at best. You will see a user with very little value, no followers, following only a few, and only tweets that are a reply / approach to someone.

You will get redirected to a site that tries very hard to look official and authoritative and tries to sign up people who can then tweet links to sites to earn money. So, this, what I, IMHO call “tweet spam” is exactly that to recruit people to become tweet spammers. Nice.

And if you were wondering on how it actually works, so that you can earn 400 to 500 pounds a day, it’s as simple as …

I guess the next frontier on web spam will be things like this. I guess this kind of activity will take place in person, by phone and online in some medium as long as there are ways to make free money. Its a tide I personally don’t like.

Rant over

My excuses for why Rankings aren’t all they are cracked up to be!

They change so often. Try doing a search, search again and now…. search again – are they the same?

I am on the phone with you and we are comparing rankings. I am in London and you in New York. I bet we see different results. The major players try to help with geo-targeting results. Especially if you have a geography in the search term.

You see ranking different to me?! Are you logged into your Gmail account when searching in Google. I bet the boss has been obsessing about a competitor, on their site for days. And then searches for us, we won’t be there and the competitor is there in natural search and PPC. The engines believe is you have been to site a lot, then you like it and gives you it more in your personalized results.

Vanity terms. People always talk about the vanity terms of very precise terms/phrases. But being high on this term may not be the terms that will actually make your money. You can always use your PPC campaigns to validate and if necessary educate your stakeholders. Maybe you too focus on these terms and you wonder why with a good position the $$$ isn’t rolling in!?

Universal or blended search. It seems and from bitter experience you get a #1 ranking and then the engines decide to put a map, with listings, reviews, news, stock information or a image above the classic one spot. So your potential click through rate has vanished!

Although I always love a number one ranking. And still a secret objective!

SMX London conference May 2009

SMX Conf logo

SMX Conf logo

I only went to day 2 of the conference this year.  And I was pleasantly surprised at some of the great discussions.

4 out of the 5 sessions I went to were useful and the ‘Give it up session’ was fun to close the day.

Over the coming days, and after my holiday I iwll try to be inspired from the talks, apply my own opinions and experience and make some more notes for this site.

Dodgy pitching suppliers

road-block-adrian-landI am fortunate that I know a few people all over the world, in many different locations and companies.

One of my work place “pet hates” are suppliers who embelish the truth, to the point of deliberately misleading you.

So, working for a household brand now, part of a larger household brand, we are cited by many companies as casestudies.  Quite rightly I get calls to validate their claims.

Its always better to get a personal recemmendation rather than a staged testimonial.

Just recently there have been a few instances.  Here are some of my favourites.

“We advised X to do this”.

Under questioning and checking directly with their cited contact, they had mentioned it in a pitch, in work they never got !

“Well thats what X does.”

This is always fun when they cite a company who you are ‘related’ too and check or you know the person who did the work and you know the truth.

Moral of this story.  Take all comments/casestudies at face value and definately check them out.

Do you have any to add?