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Onwards and Upwards – jumping from the frying pan to a new fire!


Bye bye

Today is my last day working for Expedia Inc for the Hotels.com brand. As of Monday I am taking up a larger all in-compassing search marketing role for the Thomas Cook Group.

I know that a fair few colleagues and some of my team read my blog – so I guess this is a public thank you for your hard work, your support, your creativity, loyalty and some of you, your crazyness that has made us all laugh when we had tough times to navigate through.

I am very fortunate to move from one massive OTA to another. Each have their own challenges and opportunities (and sure frustrations). I will miss Hotels.com and other EI businesses, both here in London and around the globe.

It is a bit of a strange time to leave, but you have to jump when an opportunity presents itself.

Especially after some massive projects, the hey-day/honeymoon period has only just started. But I am a sucker for punishment and moving to a ‘start-up’ in ecommerce for a massive household brand.

In the last couple of years there have been some big SEO topics to plough through and I can say I am proud of many of the my personal and the teams achievements. Here are just a couple of highlights.

  • Trying to demystify SEO to the wider business
  • Installing a fact & evidence based approach to SEO, plus some funky dashboard reports
  • Tidying up the legacy & sometimes accidentally piecemeal evolution of >10yr old on-line business
  • Many wholesale organisations changes, to survive and grow from
  • Institutionalising SEO into every possible aspect of the business
  • To get the technology down the gym (and to a single platform), to tone it up. Plus some re-hab after lopping off gangrenous limbs
  • To make the IA work as hard as it can to leverage a mature and well loved domain name
  • A real domain strategy, as the public front end to a truely global business. As part of this and in SEO terms, one of the biggest risks of >75 domain migrations
  • But, my toughest challenge….. to get a PR team to understand what a real link is. You know who you are ! 🙂

I have learnt a lot here and even made some good friends here. So, with some regrets I say Goodbye to some smart, clever and passionate people. But I know that as of Monday I will be working with a new set of dynamic and focused crowd.

If you are a new colleague, watch out as of Monday !

Hello TC

Hello TC

Newspapers joining the debate as experts

I am currently sitting opposite my boss who is on an online panel inside the TimesOnline travel section answering questions from the general public.

I thought it was worth a mention to comment on the engagement online and angle the paper is taking as experts in travel and the place for experts to discuss travel.

TimesOnline debate on travel

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of users (I am sure they are not all staged questions from their PRs!) and the use of inline polls on topics to gauge the participants opinions.

This I think could be the future for ‘experts’ to host the discussion.  Little shocked though on how little onsite promotion they had.  Maybe they are warming up.  Well done – Matt – you look tired after all that typing!!