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SMX London conference May 2009

SMX Conf logo

SMX Conf logo

I only went to day 2 of the conference this year.  And I was pleasantly surprised at some of the great discussions.

4 out of the 5 sessions I went to were useful and the ‘Give it up session’ was fun to close the day.

Over the coming days, and after my holiday I iwll try to be inspired from the talks, apply my own opinions and experience and make some more notes for this site.

Common causes of duplicate content

Duplicate content zebraI was trying to list out all the causes of duplicate content – well accidental duplication.

Here is the list to date

  • Inconsistent URLs and links, especially search results or inventory via different attribute routes
  • Similar products or bundles of products with similar description, this can be on your sites of resellers
  • Print friendly pages inc. white papers, pdf downloads.
  • DNS errors ie. no http:// to http://www etc or https !
  • Content management systems who use session cookies in urls

These all produce Errors – and effectively your are ‘pissing in your own pool’. And risk getting duplicate content penalties – even though – you probably don’t realise you have done it. The good news is that all of these can be fixed fairly easily.

As I resolve more here – I will add to this list – send me more if you have them !