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Relevance over ccTLDs

So, relevance wins over TLDs.  Who would have guessed !?

As part of the caffeine update, lots of us saw many .com’s appearing over the top of co.uk’s etc etc.  If you mix the Vince update with Caffeine you get a wired Vince and dot coms able to rank when the previous ground swell of talking heads was you must have a ccTLDs otherwise you would fail in regional Googles.

Oh well.  Here it from the man himself in this YouTube video.  <smug>Supports some of my current projects</smug>

Interesting articles 2009-03-05


An article by Steve Johnston’s consultancy on whether Affiliate links are or are not a paid link from Google’s position.  A bit old, from Oct 08, but came across this, this week.  So, lets not worry is the advice and run your affiliate programme and hopefully, maybe in the short term, you are adding links – on top of the normal justification for an affiliate programme.

This article on the new Econsultancy site is a very brave and overly honest casestudy of a domain migration.  You can see the story to-date here.

Going old-skool.  I have been making some robots.txt adjustments this week and have been re-using a classic.  Never forget Robotstxt.org for all your bot needs.

Another oldy-but-a-goodie on Link Bait.  An article I can across again this week during some research for a forthcoming cunning plan in social media.  Its amazing how simple solid articles stay the course of time.  See the Link Bait article.

A techcrunch article talking about the slow down in domain registrations.  I was actually also suprised by the number of .net registrations.  I maybe stupidly assumed that dot net was spammers.  The large dot cn probably are though.

This article shows a list of search engines and their employees who are using Twitter and giving another (if it needed any more help) push to the main stream for early adoptors.  See the original list on SELand.

List of TLDs

I found this useful and thought I would share !

List of common generic domain name extensions


List of restricted TLD / Domains

.BIZ    Restricted for Business
.NAME    Reserved for individuals
.PRO    Restricted to credentialed professionals and related entities
List of country codes / country domain name extensions

.AC    Ascension Island
.AD    Andorra
.AE    United Arab Emirates
.AF    Afghanistan
.AG    Antigua and Barbuda
.AI    Anguilla
.AL    Albania
.AM    Armenia
.AN    Netherlands Antilles
.AO    Angola
.AQ    Antarctica
.AR    Argentina
.AS    American Samoa
.AT    Austria
.AU    Australia
.AW    Aruba
.AX    Aland Islands
.AZ    Azerbaijan
.BA    Bosnia and Herzegovina
.BB    Barbados
.BD    Bangladesh
.BE    Belgium
.BF    Burkina Faso
.BG    Bulgaria
.BH    Bahrain
.BI    Burundi
.BJ    Benin
.BL    Saint Barthelemy
.BM    Bermuda
.BN    Brunei Darussalam
.BO    Bolivia
.BR    Brazil
.BS    Bahamas
.BT    Bhutan
.BV    Bouvet Island
.BW    Botswana
.BY    Belarus
.BZ    Belize
.CA    Canada
.CC    Cocos (Keeling) Islands
.CD    Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
.CF    Central African Republic
.CG    Congo
.CH    Switzerland
.CI    Cote d’Ivoire
.CK    Cook Islands
.CL    Chile
.CM    Cameroon
.CN    China
.CO    Colombia
.CR    Costa Rica
.CU    Cuba
.CV    Cape Verde
.CX    Christmas Island
.CY    Cyprus
.CZ    Czech Republic
.DE    Germany
.DJ    Djibouti
.DK    Denmark
.DM    Dominica
.DO    Dominican Republic
.DZ    Algeria
.EC    Ecuador
.EE    Estonia
.EG    Egypt
.EH    Western Sahara
.ER    Eritrea
.ES    Spain
.ET    Ethiopia
.EU    European Union
.FI    Finland
.FJ    Fiji
.FK    Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
.FM    Micronesia, Federated States of
.FO    Faroe Islands
.FR    France
.GA    Gabon
.GB    United Kingdom
.GD    Grenada
.GE    Georgia
.GF    French Guiana
.GG    Guernsey
.GH    Ghana
.GI    Gibraltar
.GL    Greenland
.GM    Gambia
.GN    Guinea
.GP    Guadeloupe
.GQ    Equatorial Guinea
.GR    Greece
.GS    South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
.GT    Guatemala
.GU    Guam
.GW    Guinea-Bissau
.GY    Guyana
.HK    Hong Kong
.HM    Heard Island and McDonald Islands
.HN    Honduras
.HR    Croatia
.HT    Haiti
.HU    Hungary
.ID    Indonesia
.IE    Ireland
.IL    Israel
.IM    Isle of Man
.IN    India
.IO    British Indian Ocean Territory
.IQ    Iraq
.IR    Iran, Islamic Republic of
.IS    Iceland
.IT    Italy
.JE    Jersey
.JM    Jamaica
.JO    Jordan
.JP    Japan
.KE    Kenya
.KG    Kyrgyzstan
.KH    Cambodia
.KI    Kiribati
.KM    Comoros
.KN    Saint Kitts and Nevis
.KP    Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of
.KR    Korea, Republic of
.KW    Kuwait
.KY    Cayman Islands
.KZ    Kazakhstan
.LA    Lao People’s Democratic Republic
.LB    Lebanon
.LC    Saint Lucia
.LI    Liechtenstein
.LK    Sri Lanka
.LR    Liberia
.LS    Lesotho
.LT    Lithuania
.LU    Luxembourg
.LV    Latvia
.LY    Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
.MA    Morocco
.MC    Monaco
.MD    Moldova
.ME    Montenegro
.MF    Saint Martin
.MG    Madagascar
.MH    Marshall Islands
.MK    Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
.ML    Mali
.MM    Myanmar
.MN    Mongolia
.MO    Macao
.MP    Northern Mariana Islands
.MQ    Martinique
.MR    Mauritania
.MS    Montserrat
.MT    Malta
.MU    Mauritius
.MV    Maldives
.MW    Malawi
.MX    Mexico
.MY    Malaysia
.MZ    Mozambique
.NA    Namibia
.NC    New Caledonia
.NE    Niger
.NF    Norfolk Island
.NG    Nigeria
.NI    Nicaragua
.NL    Netherlands
.NO    Norway
.NP    Nepal
.NR    Nauru
.NU    Niue
.NZ    New Zealand
.OM    Oman
.PA    Panama
.PE    Peru
.PF    French Polynesia
.PG    Papua New Guinea
.PH    Philippines
.PK    Pakistan
.PL    Poland
.PM    Saint Pierre and Miquelon
.PN    Pitcairn
.PR    Puerto Rico
.PS    Palestinian Territory, Occupied
.PT    Portugal
.PW    Palau
.PY    Paraguay
.QA    Qatar
.RE    Reunion
.RO    Romania
.RS    Serbia
.RU    Russian Federation
.RW    Rwanda
.SA    Saudi Arabia
.SB    Solomon Islands
.SC    Seychelles
.SD    Sudan
.SE    Sweden
.SG    Singapore
.SH    Saint Helena
.SI    Slovenia
.SJ    Svalbard and Jan Mayen
.SK    Slovakia
.SL    Sierra Leone
.SM    San Marino
.SN    Senegal
.SO    Somalia
.SR    Suriname
.ST    Sao Tome and Principe
.SU    Soviet Union (being phased out)
.SV    El Salvador
.SY    Syrian Arab Republic
.SZ    Swaziland
.TC    Turks and Caicos Islands
.TD    Chad
.TF    French Southern Territories
.TG    Togo
.TH    Thailand
.TJ    Tajikistan
.TK    Tokelau
.TL    Timor-Leste
.TM    Turkmenistan
.TN    Tunisia
.TO    Tonga
.TP    Portuguese Timor (being phased out)
.TR    Turkey
.TT    Trinidad and Tobago
.TV    Tuvalu
.TW    Taiwan
.TZ    Tanzania, United Republic of
.UA    Ukraine
.UG    Uganda
.UK    United Kingdom
.UM    United States Minor Outlying Islands
.US    United States
.UY    Uruguay
.UZ    Uzbekistan
.VA    Holy See (Vatican City State)
.VC    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
.VE    Venezuela
.VG    Virgin Islands, British
.VI    Virgin Islands, U.S.
.VN    Viet Nam
.VU    Vanuatu
.WF    Wallis and Futuna
.WS    Samoa
.YE    Yemen
.YT    Mayotte
.YU    Yugoslavia (being phased out)
.ZA    South Africa
.ZM    Zambia
.ZW    Zimbabwe