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Thought for the day – PR

Just my humble thought for the day…

Following up from my thought about Brand the other week I was thinking about PR and how to deliver on what you say.

“Good Public Relations is actually good Relationships with the Public”


+vePR = RP+ve

Inside most organisations we talk about PR as a broadcast mechanism where, we, internally have an angle and then want to push that message through channels to ‘tell’ the end recipient what we stand for. This is especially relevent when we talk about disasters, crisis or reputation management etc etc. My ramblings today centre around the area of, why not be good, wholesome, and actually delivery on what you promise (hence my brand ramble) and then it is more of a “conversation” and sharing, rather than telling.

I am just thinking that PR, Social, Customer Experience and customer service, in the future will blur and if you deliver and have a good relationship with all users, or your early adopters you wont need to PR-them, you will just get good peer-level-PR (social, blog etc). And that will also get you the exposure through current channels by default as journalist, blogs, TV will pick up on the what-consumers-love-trends. But what do I know, just in IMHO.