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SMX London conference May 2009

SMX Conf logo

SMX Conf logo

I only went to day 2 of the conference this year.  And I was pleasantly surprised at some of the great discussions.

4 out of the 5 sessions I went to were useful and the ‘Give it up session’ was fun to close the day.

Over the coming days, and after my holiday I iwll try to be inspired from the talks, apply my own opinions and experience and make some more notes for this site.

A SEO site audit

his is my essay plan on what I would put in a site audit.  Obviously there are extra bits that you may need depending on the type of site you are working on.  But this is meant to be a kind of generic framework.

Three main categories for any analysis

  • Technical Spec of site
  • The site itself
  • External SEO

These blend into this report format / essay plan below. So, here goes…..

SE Index visibility by Engine
Look at the what each of the main SE’s have on your site(s) and compare this to what they should have !

  • Observations / Duplications / URLs / Session ID’s etc
  • Tech issues, clitches, err
  • Comments between G, Y and M.
  • Use of Google’s Webmaster Central etc

Site architecture
How is the site organised, how the site all links up.  Can you find everything if you dont have JS enabled and this includes deep content on SERPS or through refinements

  • Structure of domains and folders
  • Static pages
  • Search results, refinements and pagination
  • URL structure – capitalisation and inconsistencies
  • Directories versus Search results navigation
  • Effectively site map pages

Site link analysis
Quantity, Quality, Depth. And internally, can you find everything in a logical and consistent way?

  • External links, Where do they go to? Anchor text of those links
  • Internal linking, Crumb trials, On page, Anchor text review,Footers and Headers

Keyword ranking and optimisation
What are you targeting and is the optimsiation up to it?

  • Ranking report summary, current position
  • Observations , head body tail, general KW distribution.
  • By Search Engine
  • Compared to competitor(s) performance
  • And how the keywords fit in the site structure and linking

Onsite optimisation

  • Metas, Title, Description,  Best practice and Summary from GWC about duplicates, By key templates etc
  • Markup audit of H1, h2.  Quality CSS
  • Error handling protocols including errors and genuine site changes, adding or removing pages!

Summary of key issues with solutions

Next steps and Recemendations

– – end – –

All you need to do now – is take the recemmendations and turn that into your action plan.

Hopefully you wil get the technical resource or/and the biz resources before your competitors gain too much ground.