Types of Link Bait

Do you need bait to get a link?

Do you need bait to get a link?

Obtaining links to your site (still important as of today) is hard work. We all know the obvious methods and some of you may know some other more advanced techniques too. A commonly used term in the “be creative and people will link to you” approach is “link bait”.

Link Bait by its definition is producing something that is either sensational or interesting enough to warrant a mention and a link to it from another site. The overarching goal could be branding, or a PR stunt etc etc. But the SEO’s objective is quality inbound links, ideally in volume.

So, what types of link bait are there? And in my personal favourite order list:

  1. Infographics
  2. – a favourite of mine. This is when you design a pictorial way of showing something exciting.

  3. Videos [Funny, Outside the Box]
  4. – always a winner – hard to achieve true fame, but if you are good they are impressive in how far they can fly.

  5. Top x Lists
  6. – if you are working on content syndication strategies, quick easy, accessible lists are always a favourite. They must just tap into the human psyche

  7. Controversial Topics
  8. “no such thing as bad press”

  9. Complete Guides and Reports
  10. – data is king. If you are the expert in a field, produce an industy report e.g. Hotel Price Index by Hotels.com. This has so much mileage

  11. Interesting Polls and Surveys
  12. – more data – everybody loves to know that 64% people love to give opinions in polls! These are easy for bloggers and journos to take and fill up space easily

  13. Topic Specific Recaps and Roundups
  14. – if you attend an event or conference and can do a digest – others who are lazy to take notes or others who couldn’t attend will find it useful

  15. Interviews
  16. – if you are able to access people or companies of interest, others will find it interesting too

  17. Free Tools and Software
  18. – got to love a freebie. Also here can be “how to’s”, if you find a keyboard shortcut or a new feature share it

  19. Awards
  20. – if you are issuing an award, then all nominees will link to the award page, and if they win, more links, plus the industry pundits will pick it up too

  21. Giveaways, Freebies, and Sweepstakes
  22. – mass approach – timeless way of PR, also competitions fit in here

  23. First to Discuss
  24. – Innovation and Expert status mean people cite you as a reference

  25. Widgets
  26. – either gratitude will get you a link or you could embed a link back e.g. wordpress themes

  27. First to Cover Breaking News
  28. – similar to no.12. Being fast means you are the best/most relevant/authority

  29. Inside Look/Previews
  30. – if you represent/gatekeeper to a topic, insider information is of interest to your audience. They are already warmed up and ready to link. Just look at how many links Google blog gets when there is a half-heads-up on, well, anything

That is my list. I thought I would write it down before I forget it. Can you think of any others?

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