Just seen this on Not sure if this is a feature/test or an error.
Inside a snippet is crumb trail style link actually in the description section as opposed to them being above or below and multiple. And definitely different from site links.

Here it is.

Is this a new way of showing sitelinks?

Is this a new way of showing site links?

If you then look at the page itself, at the bottom the only reference to this piece is footer style navigation.

the offending piece of code!

the offending piece of code!

I am sure they are MVTing – we do it all the time and see what sticks. I am also on the new SERPs design too. Not sure if I like change !

2 thoughts on “SERPs in MVT?

    1. Adrian Post author

      Maybe I need to look at the web more and catch up with my reading. Just shows you that people who are client side work harder, than you agency folks 🙂
      On serious note – its the first time I have seen them take a random (not real crumb trail) but actual link that I have personally seen. And the whole page looks different if on or and if I am in Chrome or Moz. So. current have 3 different page layouts! Hence the MVT remark.


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