Rel No Follow is dead and has been for ages – official

SEO talking heads

SEO talking heads

It would seem negligent not to acknowledge this story.  It seems to have sparked a feverish amount of conversation on internal DLs, forums and social media posts.  And my RSS reader is stuffed full of interpretations of this change.  And now, I am guilty of peddling this stuff too.

Page Rank sculpting is dead and has been for a year – official.  The man himself explains all.

The original post on Matt Cutts’ own blog >>

I too have been guilty of implementing this on my clients sites.  But I don’t feel bad.  First of all it has done no harm, and it didn’t detract from the big wholesome projects.  And in the process of executing this low-level tactic it has made a lot of team members take an interest in SEO.  They have helped make a tight information architecture and it has focused the mind on the exclusion of non-value-adding-pages.

So, not all bad.  I think we should retain the idea, but change the execution.

It does leave me wonder a few things – that won’t keep me awake at night

  • I also wonder if any other smaller search engine did a me-too implementation?
  • If I should start leaving comments on other sites/blogs!
  • If Akismet is going to have to work harder against all those form injections from blue pill touting sites?
  • If some bright spark is going to suggest wasting more time taking it off our sites
  • If someone is going to start asking how page rank is calculated and I will end up on a murder charge!

We live and learn. And what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.

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