New Year Resolutions for Twenty-11

I thought I would post to this currently neglected personal blog. Maybe regularly posting could be a resolution if I believed in them. Its been a tough year personally. I finished up with my previous employer after some massive ecommerce and SEO projects which are still performing brilliantly I have heard. And then a move to another famous travel provider. They are in a ‘start-up’ mode with all those appropriate challenges and opportunities. Things must also be working as I have 2 conference speaker opportunities in 2011 and its only early!

Last year I posted about resolutions. And I thought I would review how I got on.

1. It’s all about Conversion

This turned out to be so true. If you work on a big site, then some of the work you have to do onsite is to keep current levels and may not actually drive more traffic, but may keep what you already have. This is especially relevant if you have already large market share in a competitive industry.

I normally break down projects into 2 categories:

  • Drive more traffic to the most relevant landing pages, and
  • Get the user into the best booking path

So, if you can maintain (or maybe even) traffic, and increase quality and then work on conversion you will probably win. Normally there are a team of people who will be working on site conversion too. So, you should use them.


This hasn’t changed at all. In fact, every year as businesses are needing to focus on ‘cheaper’ channels being able to prove incremental results is more important. Building a business case and then proving it, needs to be an essential in all managers tool boxes. I would love to share some more here – but somethings have to remain secret.

3. Team, team, team

Last year I wrote.

There is so much knowledge within your own teams. Use it. Maybe we should hold an internal SEO summit with a real example ‘Show and tell’. You can learn more from things that don’t work sometimes. And if you set up a prefix of total honesty and amnesty you can learn a lot …

I actually did this and other things last year. It was fun, it was good for remote teams to actually get to together with quality times and shared ownership of platform level projects that all had to use from the central team roadmap. Plus, there were some real nuggets and regional knowledge. I would still encourage Team as any people managers resolutions.

This year I need to complete building my new teams for Paid and Natural Search. So, it will good to find quality people and learn from their experiences.

4. Read less blogs and rely on my own experience

I actually did this one too. Some of this was due to lack of time, but when I did read I actually cherry picked what I spend my time reading. My RSS reader is backed up. I did actually unsubscribe from many and added a few new ones. But, when I do go through I find reassurance normally. Then the ones I still have are good for new developments. I am going to carry this resolution through to this year too.

As a practioner for a large business, I just need to go and get it done!

Lets hope that 2011 is going to be a good year!

2 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions for Twenty-11

  1. Jose Truchado

    Hi Adrian;

    Good to see you are keeping your SEO homework list up to date, although I would like you to elaborate on point 4 a bit more.

    “Reading too much” is usually a black hole that many SEO experts fall into as we want to keep our knowledge updated, so relying more in our own experience and knowledge makes a lot of sense to me, so without revealing your “secret sources”, can you give us a list of the best and most informative resources we can read?( it would be interesting to see which ones you discarded too but I guess you wouldn’t want to reveal those :))



    1. Adrian Post author

      I will share the next time we meet up. I realised that many of the blogs who get a mention you just subscribe too, and most of these are aimed at new SEO’s. Therefore for those who are actually DOING the hard, especially large ecommerce SEO cant really share too much detail publically. So, not much real usable information is out there. But there are a few quality & aggregator sites that are good for the ‘latest’ news and possible impacts.


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