My NMA article on “Beyond the buzz”

My article on "Beyond the buzz" on NMA

My article on "Beyond the buzz" on NMA

I was asked via work to write 250 words on “Beyond the buzz” for NMA. I dutifully wrote up this piece and submitted it. I hope to see my name in print again. Been a while since I have been in a mainstream print mag. Here back in 2002 in the then Revolution magazine, and here commenting on web analytics. I will try to find the front cover and centre-fold images. My only centrefold I promise! I am returning to fame!

Here goes, the article:

With the latest changes in Google, real-time search really came to the masses. QDF theory (Query Deserves Freshness) means that if someone is searching for current information, then the search engine should return the most relevant real-time information. In terms of Google this is currently mostly Twitter and its news services.

At this stage real-time search is most applicable to informational searches. In the pre-and-post purchase arena you need to be aware of what users want to know and are searching for. If there are travel issues e.g. volcanoes or plane delays you should consider communicating officially with the answer. This means that customer service, blogs and news feeds suddenly become a hot internal topic. There is a significant risk of brand and reputation if you are not there.

Social media marketing is the route to being in the “one-box”. A key learning is that you can’t measure this like a normal marketing channel as it won’t be efficient. It should be judged as a communications channel and weighed-up as an opportunity cost of not being there.

This will be scary or unfamiliar for most large companies. There will be a perception of loss of control. If your objective is to ensure your presence in the SERPs, you should consider all techniques as there will be a continuing trend for real-time and mobile search.

When this goes to press I am sure I will screen grab it and put it here.

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