AOLs – anygood & why?

adrianland-lovedotcomThere is a new site that has just been soft launched by AOL. has already started to get some limited  attention and criticised.  See SEOBooks good write up on its recycling approach and the story broke gently on TechCrunch.

I have been playing with the site this morning and trying to keep an open mind.  It is easy to comment about that the content is pulled in from a number of existing sources, mainly AOL news.  Plus reformatted Twitter and some other stuff.  Very similar in a way to Cuil which I wrote about a while ago.

This is currently a soft launch and I am trying to guess what they want to do.  

If you think that every popular topic will have effectively its own site.  A kind of a personalised new and current affairs page. Which you can book mark and receive updated via RSS.  This screen grab is for work.  But think about your favourite band or movie star. They will have their own ‘news’ pages.


What is a bit strange, it how, if you want to read an article they keep you on their site.  To read article one you end up on and see this…


The annoying bit is that this may affect any kind of tracking/user stats/impressions as it is calling the page, but not transferring the user.  The green circled bit is the destination site and the red circuled bit header from

I am guessing that this is more aimed at the myspace generation than me.  But it shows an increasing trend convergence of real time stuff!  And how this information is being targetting and segmented by popular topics.

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