Infographics are the future of diseminating information (and getting links)

Its true…. that any decent and fascinating information is easy to disseminate as an infographic. Especially if they are are interactive. They will get mentions (becoming more SEO important some believe) and inbound links alike and may even get passed around like an old school viral campaign.

I can prove that it will get links, I am linking to one here. I wish I could think of one that we could do to get this type of link for my or my current employers site.

So, what about this one here it is called “1945-1998” by Isao Hashimoto shows all the nuclear explosions around the world between 1945 and 1998. Press play and watch. It shows by country at the top and watch the year and month ticking by (top right).

As an enabler, Microsoft have just launched a potentially very interesting product called PIVOT.   It tries to let you interact with huge amounts of data with front end interaction to make information, interactive, fun and dynamic.  Imagine if you had some propriatory information or a huge public information archive and could mash it up and push it around a webpage into a custom shape. How powerful could that be.  In their demo they manipulate baseball cards with all the performance data behind. I believe you have to buy an expensive licence – but could be a fore-runner for things to come.

Long live the info-and-interactive-infographic.

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