Google squared

One of the things I have played with in Google labs today is Google squared.  It has sparked more questions than it has answered.  Just recently with the release of ‘search options’ and the ‘wonder wheel’ this is making me think that Google is thinking of ways of displaying results and allowing every increasing amounts of personalisation.  This is also just after the launch of Wolfram the computational engine.

If you think back there are 3 layers 1) data 2) information and 3) knowledge.

If you consider a regular search is returning teasers from informational pages,  sparked by a user entering just a bit of data.  Then trying to make comparisons, by displaying more relevant information on the results page is trying to turn that raw data/information into knowledge.  And that is where the real value add is.

I have just done a search for New York hotels and this is what I got.

Google squared results

Google squared results

If you click on the image or any cell, it displays the URL of where it got its information from.

Google squared, with source shown

Google squared, with source shown

It is clearly not ready for a full on release.  Mainly because its returning blanks when trying to complete its grid. But I do find this totally fascinating.

The bit that might become annoying, is that in this example, it has returned my website as an image result but it has given a direct contact alongside.  So, they are using my image from my site costing me money to help their results.

I guess that this is for informational searches.  I have tried adding some simple action terms to the search e.g. Book New York hotels etc and it doesnt want to return back buying links.

I suppose that we need to find a way of measuring this result and ensuring we maximise our opportunities!

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