Google SERPs, GPlus integrated – new observation

Just seen in the SERPs that on the drop down menu where geeks [like me] would use to see the cached version of the page there is the option to “Share”.


Which takes you to a slim version of the share/post box.


If you try to share the same site/page again it will take you to the post you made on G+ profile posts stream.

Just something new I have just seen.

3 thoughts on “Google SERPs, GPlus integrated – new observation

  1. jason west

    What does this mean A? I will be using G+ more for creating learning groups and course management. I hear it helps SEP but how,should I integrate it best with my blog and company website?

  2. jason west

    Hi A! I’ve heard G+ helps SEO? I’m planning to use it for course management and creating learning communities. How best would you integrate it with a blog (blogger) and company website (joomla). I also use Drive to share content. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.


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