CTR from the SERPs

A common question is what is the click through rate from the search engine results pages.  This is obviously very important when you are trying to justify the investment in moving individual words or phrases.

Over time I have seen quite a few studies.  And I have taken 4 I like and blended them into this chart.  Here is the chart in data in case you want to use it yourself.

CTR from SERPs

CTR from SERPs

CTR data

This is important as if you know the opportunity from your keyword research.  Then then you can multiple this by the average CTR to get your estimated traffic you could receive.  Or at least produce a ‘if I could get to 3 I could get….” as a best case scenario is helpful.

The other way that this can be helpful is if through your own analytics you know you average on a position.  Then if, you moved up X number of places you would work out the new possible amount of traffic.

I have both these techniques for building business cases.

I hope you find it useful yourself.

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