Common causes of duplicate content

Duplicate content zebraI was trying to list out all the causes of duplicate content – well accidental duplication.

Here is the list to date

  • Inconsistent URLs and links, especially search results or inventory via different attribute routes
  • Similar products or bundles of products with similar description, this can be on your sites of resellers
  • Print friendly pages inc. white papers, pdf downloads.
  • DNS errors ie. no http:// to http://www etc or https !
  • Content management systems who use session cookies in urls

These all produce Errors – and effectively your are ‘pissing in your own pool’. And risk getting duplicate content penalties – even though – you probably don’t realise you have done it. The good news is that all of these can be fixed fairly easily.

As I resolve more here – I will add to this list – send me more if you have them !

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