Interesting reading 2009-04-16

adrianland-interestingBigMouthMedia has an article about html 5 and how this is a change coming our way. The search engines already have patents for page segmentation, so structuring your mark up in ‘new’ tags is one way to give them clues.

HTML 5 will have semantic meaning.  The tags will be < article > for a real piece of text, an article, blog post or article , < nav > (for navigation), < footer >,< header >, etc and even rich media < audio >, < video >. Will need to talk to our tech teams on this one. And probably worth its own article in due course.

I came across a neat little Social Media tool on that give us a summary of a pages social presence.  Even my small site has a small entry.  If you feel sorry for me, socialise my site ! See my poor score.

A scary article about the use of proxy servers on econsultancy.  It might become law that if you use a proxy server in the States you might be breaking the law.  Governments are trying to regulate the internet and may actually harm the innocent. It wasnt long ago that Australia was talking about country wide blocked site list!

URL shorterners.  They are many. My favourite at the moment is as its tracking is really good. There is an article I used on SEOland which lays out the major players and the pros and cons.

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