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Following on from my rant about never having to leave Google.  Where I commented on on the recent changes in PPC where you can Compare products such as Loans.   Now you can see prices and pictures for commodities/every day shopping items.  On the Google blog they give a screen grab and examples for stand alone as below and inline on the right hand side.  As this is on a PPC basis it will make sure that all serious competitors are spending as much as possible in this One-up-man-ship-advert-arms-race. And my only concern is about my beloved SEO.  Why would you click on the boring SERPs when the information is available like this to the side.  Mixed with the movement of the adwords from absolute right to right aligned to SERPs – the classic Pareto rule of PPC Versus SEO Click from SERPs is moving to more in favour of the paid stuff.  Well, they are a media company with targets of growth like the rest of us!

Product Ads on Google

Product Ads on Google

Its another move into supply chain integration and control demand!

When Google starts to have its own warehouse and fulfilment team. You really won’t need to leave Google!

Still love them and hate them in equal measures. Or is this just jealousy that I didn’t think of it first?

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