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Just my humble thought for the day…

“Delivery on the brand is more important than just broadcasting what the brand is”

As I am getting older and progressively more cynical, I do get very annoyed when many people just talk about Brand and what brand means and I dont necessarily agree with them. Maybe I am old school, and believe that Brand is not just what you broadcast, what the brand means to you. I mean most people assume that Brand is a logo, a song, a colour, a strap line etc etc. But is it?

I think they are all methods of identifying a brand, maybe a folder to append your thoughts, experiences or the wisdom of people you trust to inform your judgement. But a Brand is a subjective concept. Sometimes, a collection of ideas generally shared or it can be very personal. Some marketers have suggested that you cant identify a brand until you have had an emotional connection. I kind of subscribe to this. You generally use ‘feeling’ words to describe your brand perception e.g. “I hate XX, their customer service sucks”, “I love my [insert product name]”.

I think that a Brand is a collection of ideas, values, experiences, thoughts of your own or borrowed ones. And if that is the case, you need to see/feel/experience the Brand in action to form that opinion. You it may be suggested to you in an advert, but if you take that chance and it fails flat, you have a worse time and will tell others.

Some case-studies

  • You go to a coffee shop on the way into work. You have the same order every day, and every day you get a consistent product at a consistent price – you build TRUST in delivery
  • Your friend has used a holiday company, they had a good experience, it sounds ilke that is what you think service is – you buy based on Trusting your friends judgement
  • You find out that the product you love is actually using modern day slavery in China to produce it, you turn your love to hate (unless you are really shallow)

If you open yourself up via a broadcast or a recommendation, unless it actually delivers then you won’t make an emotional connection and become a Brand advocate.

If you concentrate on delivery, being the best you can be at customer service, best at product quality, best at consistency, customers will love you, and you deliver on your brand promise. And if you have a nice jingle – then it will remind people of their love when they hear it. If you are going to do a brand relaunch/push – please check to see what your customers think you should doing and what they expect.

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