The Internet of things

This is not a new idea, but always worth a mention every so often as it is clearly a view into the future that I subscribe to. Many of us have cited the differing layers of Data, Information & Knowledge for web through to management information. IBM add the of Wisdom to the top of this theoretical pyramid.

Very soon, maybe even today there are more things on the internet than people. Just think how many devices you have from your computer, tablet, phone, your TV, your NAS, printers, your SLR camera, games console through to burglar alarms. There have been prototypes for fridges and ‘connected houses’ in the house of the future. Just imagine that they could, not only talk to each other. But actually communicate, make collective decisions together, therefore working smarter. Combining systems could work smart, adjust to other data inputs to make a better, smarter world. So, previously isolated systems, would become a system of things.

Anyway, watch the IBM video and see what you think.

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