SoLoMo might be my catch phrase for 2012

As SEO is truly evolving as a holistic web channel (always treated it like that for >10 years anyway) who progress the web, police our employers efforts, drive internal innovation and do the bulk of testing!

SEO is officially moving beyond just the few things that we did in 1999 to 2009. Just a few of the things we do / did / continually getting better at: usability, analytics, technical best practice, IA, server configs, indexation, project management, data crunching, linguistics, semantics, keywords, sociology, feeds, futurology, marketing, coding, explaining, monitoring, testing, learning and refining. And a million other things that I have temporarily forgotten.

If you think that anything that appears on the first page of Google is in scope. And as more verticals get added into the universal/blended SERPs, people are using phones/tablets/TVs and a growing number of devices that haven’t been invented yet to access the web and the internet. Then, if you blend in the idea of every increasing personalisation, we, the SEO community need to keep evolving ourselves, innovating, learning, changing and keep delighting our audiences.

Therefore in 2012, Social, Local and Mobile are firmly in scope. And we, SEOs, love an acronym or even making up a term or 2.

So, SoLoMo, might be my new catch phrase for 2012.

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