SOPA/PIPA – is the slippery slope coming?

The slippery slope might be coming. I tweeted about this last week, but I came across some more articles while surfing around tonight, and thought I would share a few things.

I am actually scared that if this PIPA/SOPA law gets passed in the US, then other countries might follow suit. In recent years in the name of terrorism, political dissent, civil unrest and through general fear, governments, even the fairly liberal UK have passed laws that have the potential to really cut down on freedoms and innovations.

Check out this video for an explaination from the Fight for the future site.

You should also take a read of Stop American censorship site as they explain the details. I found this site after seeing an out of character post on the WordPress blog.

If this goes through and if it is then used, a small series of events could actually fundamentally change how our future should be developing, stifle industry, communication and innovation. This is scary and could be the beginning of the end.

Here is their infographic which explains a few of the details as a final thought.

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