Dodgy pitching suppliers

road-block-adrian-landI am fortunate that I know a few people all over the world, in many different locations and companies.

One of my work place “pet hates” are suppliers who embelish the truth, to the point of deliberately misleading you.

So, working for a household brand now, part of a larger household brand, we are cited by many companies as casestudies.  Quite rightly I get calls to validate their claims.

Its always better to get a personal recemmendation rather than a staged testimonial.

Just recently there have been a few instances.  Here are some of my favourites.

“We advised X to do this”.

Under questioning and checking directly with their cited contact, they had mentioned it in a pitch, in work they never got !

“Well thats what X does.”

This is always fun when they cite a company who you are ‘related’ too and check or you know the person who did the work and you know the truth.

Moral of this story.  Take all comments/casestudies at face value and definately check them out.

Do you have any to add?

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