ACTA infographic – the source of SOPA?

As most of the SEO/Blogger/mainstream news communities seemed to instantly want to shout about the draft USA legislation of SOPA/PIPA, it seems that there isn’t much noise about ACTA. Like all of these topics, you generally only get 2 sides. 1) The people proposing the laws, who can hide behind bureaucracy and press statements, and 2) The extreme opposition.

If you read the EU papers, and you can via their site, it suggests it is quite light and doesn’t impact anything (then why do it?). And seems all very believable. However if you read other sources such as La Quadrature it picks up on the punitive measures and the risks to the internet as we know it. So, the officials spell out the objectives and the critique-rs looks at the punishments. This obviously leads to a place where people can get confused and choose to ignore the topic.

The trouble is that investigative journalists who should be without an agenda to review and present in the mainstream media haven’t picked this one up. EU / MEP work doesn’t seem to be a headline grabber unless it is about making us have straight bananas.

In some other against articles it suggests that ACTA was the inspiration for SOPA/PIPA. And that only in the recent edits in the last 6 months it has been toned down.

I am confused, and to be fair a little bit scared.

Well only one side has produced an infographic on the topic, and everyone loves a good old-fashioned picture. I guess we will just watch this space.

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