What do do if you fail to save before you close PowerPoint

What happens when you say “No” to your “Save” reminder when you close a program like PowerPoint to quickly?

Well, as it happened to me today, I can tell you, I felt SICK! and a bit light headed. You might have lost hours of work, or that last great diagram you painstakingly drew by hand.

Well, there is still a small chance that your lovely auto-save has a version from a few minutes ago and has not deleted it yet.

So, before you let rip with a barage of expletives in-front of your colleagues try this final go.

Step 1

On the top ribbon, choose “File”, then select “Options”

Pptx Recovery - Step 1

Step 2

Down the left hand side find the 3rd option called “Save” and select

Pptx Recovery - Step 2&3

Step 3

Find the label “AutoRecover file location:”. It will contain a file path, something most like this –> C:UsersAppDataRoamingMicrosoftPowerPoint

Step 4

Copy this out, paste into the top of Windows Explorer and you will find a mish-match of non-deleted versions of your work.

Step 5

Look at the files for a similar file name. Likely the first part the same, followed by lots of numbers. Check the timestamp and if it is in the previous 10 minutes you may be able to stop crying and carry on with your day!

Hope it helps.

Note: I am on Windows 7 and PowerPoint 2010.

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