How to revive/reboot a dead Motorola Xoom 2

Motorola Xoom 2

Motorola Xoom 2

I recently bought a Motorola Xoom 2 which I thoroughly  love and would recommend to anyone/everyone.

And yesterday I felt lost as it died, less than 30 days old. So, under the shop terms I took it back and they were about to declare it dead. But just before it was being sealed up, one of the more geeky guys guessed how to do a proper reboot as a last rite. And behold it rebooted and came back to life and works fine now.

When I was looking online for help there was nothing, so, I thought I would share. There doesn’t seem to be many Xoom 2 owners yet.

How to reboot a Motorola Xoom 2

Without further ado, its really simple. If you turn to your Xoom over to look at the 3 buttons located on the top of the right hand side…

Xoom 2 - buttons to reboot

Xoom 2 - buttons to reboot

You should hold the ‘Power’ button (top one) and the ‘Volume down’ (bottom one) for approx 30 seconds.

It will show a number of lines of boot-up code, then it will go into the normal ‘On’ procedure with the red Motorola logo, and after 30/40 seconds, it will jump to life.

Hope it helps others.

12 thoughts on “How to revive/reboot a dead Motorola Xoom 2

  1. Lionel

    Thanks … a lot !!
    Your tip helped me and solved my problem which was the same as you

    I was desperated and no website gave me this solution, you did it!



  2. Harvey

    Thank you so much!!!

    I had plugged my portable hard drive into it stupidly and it would not turn on, I did this, and my tablet is restored!

    Thank you, again!

  3. Pete

    Thanks, saved the day for me!

    My tablet wouldnt wake up when the power button was pressed, this trick fixed it!

    note that after holding the buttons for 30 or so seconds… it was only on releasing the buttons that mine woke up 🙂

  4. Larochette

    You save me too ! Thanks !!!!
    You have to push the power button after then white lines written on the screen…

  5. Rob

    Thank you very much. I had the same problem.
    My problem started after connecting a usb-disk. Next time I’ll use a USB-hub.


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