How to change url behind the logo in WordPress

If you are running a blog alongside the main site or using wordpress to run in a subdomain you may want to update the standard logo click from returning a usage to the blog homepage to another location.

If you have a regular WordPress setup you can hack this together quite quickly.

Don’t forget to copy the contents to somewhere safe just in case you have a keyboard slip!

Follow these simple steps:-

  • In “Appearance”, choose “Editor”
  • From the right hand-side find the file called “header.php”
  • Use control+F [cmd+F for you pesky Mac users] to find
    <a href="'; bloginfo('url'); echo '/">
  • change it to
    <a href="HTTP://WWW.EXAMPLE.COM/">
    • However, if you update your theme you may loose your personal hacks/updates. If you clever and need to make many alterations, you should look into Child Themes, but that is for another day. Hope that helps a little.

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