The future of augmented technology

Pranav Mistry in a TED presentation talking about how we physically interaction with objects, physical world and each other. This 6th sense technology is to replace the limited capability of current peripherals such as the mouse and keyboard and upgrade this to a more intuitive and natural method.

Pranav demonstrates his Gesture Interface Devises (GID).  My favourites were his augmented projector helmet! And the camera device demo when he walks around the city and the technology displays his augmented information such as reviews on books in a shop, live updates to information in newspapers such as weather or news through to way of showing information about people we meet.

I liked the way he summed it up “Humans we are not interested in computers – we are interested in answers and knowledge”

I personally like this type of “geeky” research as it makes technology work for us, rather than us having to sit in front of a computer interacting on its terms.

Check out the video for yourself.

To add my own comment – first time I have seen this in the UK Google SERPs

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