Nomined for a Travolution 2009 award

As I sat at my table for the Travolution awards 2009 flicking through the programme of events I was suprised to see my name.  After a double take, it was me and I was nominated for the “Rising star of the year” award.  I am not sure what the criteria was/is (still don’t), but nice to be nominated anyway.

So, got a bit excited.  Talked myself out of it, then with all the winning that one of my agencies (BigMouthMedia) did for another one of their clients !! (Where was our nomination by the way?) I got a bit excited and actually thought I could win.

But no……. The winner was Alex Gisbert.  And at least we are in the same stable of brands.  Well done Alex.

Here for my own reminiscing is a screen capture of the nomination.

Travolution Awards 2009

Travolution Awards 2009

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