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UGC deal spotting for travel logo

The logo of Best Travel Deals dot Net

The web is, im my humble opinon moving to a state of near perfect knowledge. (to final use an economics A-level term correctly!)

Here in the UK we have seen the rise of voucher code and offer sites, generalists and ones that specialise in food/restaurants. And if you believe the stats, and attribute the success of these sites to the state of the economy, are becoming more and more important.

As we, the cynical marketers know, these sites are populated by the general public for their peers, but also ‘leaked’ by companies.  Not that I have ever uploaded a code or tweeted one myself 🙂

I was very pleased to see a mail the other day from Mary Song, a US based serial entrepreneur who I would like to call a friend, who has launched a new site.  I am cheap, but I wouldnt normally write a post about a new site because they just asked.  But I am genuinely interested to see if this works.  With all UGC sites, you need to make your own tipping point to make it work and hopefully this will happen soon.

So, check out and see for yourself >>