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My disappointment with Twitter spam

I am currently seeing more and more, and getting disappointed how another internet service is getting abused. In one of my social media monitoring searches I saw the same user post @Someone for a whole (big) screen full.

I looked at the tweets and the profile and there are pretty wet at best. You will see a user with very little value, no followers, following only a few, and only tweets that are a reply / approach to someone.

You will get redirected to a site that tries very hard to look official and authoritative and tries to sign up people who can then tweet links to sites to earn money. So, this, what I, IMHO call “tweet spam” is exactly that to recruit people to become tweet spammers. Nice.

And if you were wondering on how it actually works, so that you can earn 400 to 500 pounds a day, it’s as simple as …

I guess the next frontier on web spam will be things like this. I guess this kind of activity will take place in person, by phone and online in some medium as long as there are ways to make free money. Its a tide I personally don’t like.

Rant over

My LinkedIn social graph

Thank you inmaps for this. This auto plotted my linkedIn social graph and the relationships between my connections. I was very interested to see how my previous clusters of contacts/friend/acquaintances are actually quite separate, with only a small amount of connections. This was a bit strange considering in the real world the number of people who know me or also know people I know! Either way, this is fascinating and I would never be able to work this out myself.

My LinkedIn social-graph visualised

Click to enlarge - My LinkedIn social-graph visualised

Social media – the case for SMO

I have just come across this video as referenced in a Phocuswright round up.  It is a presentation by my new (well as of today) favourite site, Socialnomics.  The video is similar in nature to a good book of “Freakonomics”, mixed with Gladwell’s “Tipping point” blended into the case for doing “something” as a business.

I too can appreciate that social media (SMO) is not right for everyone and everyone’s business. And after some pilots I have run, your customers may point you in the real direction.  But not to act seems to be a lost opportunity.

To measure ROI on social media is difficult if you are comparing to conventional channels.  You should ask yourself whether a Twitter followerer or Facebook fan is worth <, > or = to a newsletter sign-up? And whether a highly engaged internet active, prequalified online early adopter is the type of customer you should be appealing to?

With one foot in the marketing world, I hear my colleagues past and present talk about “customer centric”, “customer engagement” and “top of mind”.  Surely any medium that allows the customer to be in charge of comms/info/receiving deals is a good thing.  And brands that encourage people to engage I predict will be the winners in the long term.

Anyway, watch their video, it is better than I can type here – what do you think?

5 reasons Social media is good for SEO! (and SEOs)


My take on why social media can be good for SEO and SEOs.

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list. And should not be the totality of social media. SM used well can help to achieve objectives but only as a tactic and not the end in its own right.

You still need to have a good site/product/service etc etc to win!

Heres the 5 I can think of this Tuesday evening.

  1. It gets your brand out there and raises brand searches, which you should rank for.
  2. It gets you noticed by a larger audience, who may be influential online people or even real customers.
  3. These social sites are appearing in the SERPs. Need to get yourself everywhere, all of the time!
  4. Being seen to be doing things! Making your company look innovative.
  5. Oh and its more fun than your day job!

Any more?



I still find it exciting when I find a new and innovative new site.  This new one Addict-o-matic who name is pretty accurate is a one-stop-shop for all the different sources of information from blogs, news and the social sphere.  As a rugby fan, the example of keeping up to date with all the 6 nations actions is great.  Take a look for yourself and if you like, let us know what you think.

See my example of six nations rugby on Addict-o-matic >>