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Guest blogging. Good idea?

Like many topics in SEO, it comes down to quality, moderation and balance. Aim for fewer, higher quality and normally it is deemeded worthwhile and wholesome. Too many, automated and low quality = bad = spammy.

Matt tells tells us

…it can be good

…but it could be bad

Like chocolate at Christmas – apply self control and moderation and you can enjoy it!

April fools and easy link bait

adrianland-dialaphone-aprilfoolThe 1st April 2009, many companies used classic April Fools as an excuse to bait for links and it has worked as I will show a few here.

One thing which was new this year was the large amout of Tweeting and other social media that was used to distribute.  And it allowed a very easy way to share to get the reach you can only hope for.

If you use Twitter you can see trends. Here is the  April fool trend.

Here are some that passed infront of me today

  • The Guardian newspaper is going to give up ink and move to twitter!
  • Amazon launch the amazon floating cloud environment (face) for computer processing in blimps!
  • A big one on social media was Google artifical intelligence stuff! and another about how they turned a VP’s office into a beach with suitable pics.
  • Dialaphone launched a coin operated pay as you go phone.
  • MSN messenger can guess you mood and display it in your profile.
  • has deals on hotel rooms on the moon.
  • Expedia has a sales on flights to Mars. If you see the page, they are sold out! but you can get a discount code.

There are plenty more examples from BBC iplayer in toasters for your breakfast fix, through to android driven cars to companies making their site look identical to their competitors.

Techcrunch has a long list – check it out too >>

Its seems to be very wide spread this year.  Well done to those who participated.  What will we see next year?