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123people – yet another people stalker

adrianland-123people123People dot com.  Yet another, not quite finish people search engine.  In the old days you had a to hire a private eye, rumage through someones rubbish bins to find out about what they do, where they go and who they hang out with.

I recently took a look at Pilp and commented on how it added little value.  This one does the same. 

I only found it as I was working through my inbound links, which there arent many.  And found this site.


Here is a page stalking me >>

The web never forgets!

adrianland-piplSo, you have made a post on a forum when you are a young man (or women),  it may even be slightly embarassing.  You might of got drunk and your friends have put a photo of you in an embarassing position or situation and you go for a job interview.

Your new employer, even though they cant formally use it, will do an internet search for your name.  If you are clever, they will find a nice blog of you and your cat.  Or they can use a people search engine such as Pipl and find all kinds of things.

Remember, dont post anything that you might be embarassed about in the future or have friends connected to you who might become a liability in the future.

Check it out for your own name and be scared.

Here are few searches for famous people: Gordon Brown, UK Prime Minister. Sports people, David Beckham through to silly bloggers.

You will notice, if you search for yourself that the information is currently seriously out of date (especially electrol register) and gets confused.  But a worrying new public development.

The web never forgets.

Snowed-in in London

We woke up this morning to find that we were snowed in.  Well, to get anywhere it would be really hard work.  This first photos is from my front door.

from my front door at 7am 2nd Feb 2009

This is the view down my street.

my street at 7am 2nd Feb 09

And the building work in my garden will be on hold today I think !

over the building work in my garden

How come all the infrastructure in a city as big as London has ground to a halt !?

Opening post

If all goes to plan, this will be the opening post on my new blog.

Over the last 12 years (from ’96) I have put many posts on personal sites, personal blogs, photos on social sites through to professional forums under many names, ids etc.  So, I thought I would finally set up a full-time site under my own name.