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iPhone crash – how to reboot

iphone crash

iphone crash

iPhone crash – how to reboot. Control-Alt-Delete for the iPhone is what I needed to do.

After some playing around and confirming that there are only two buttons, with no secret trap doors! That I would hold the top on/hold button and the Home button both down until they do something.

The screen will go blank, then you see the Apply logo and your back up and running. You don’t loose any data or apps.

Good luck.

iPhone has a RSS reader kindof



I was struggling to find a free RSS reader for my iPhone.  Ideally I was hoping that there was going to be one of the parts of the Google Apps to make Reader work smoothly, but No!

Google reader works quite well in the web interface in horizontal mode, so not all too bad.

But I did find by accident, that the iPhone has a free RSS reader kind of built into the Safari browser.

If you view a RSS feed, you can book mark it and it is effectively a RSS reader.  Not that slick, but fully functional.  Think I will just use the web Reader version.

How to update your iTunes library and remove old file references

Recently I had this problem with iTunes.   I moved all my music from a folder on my Desktop to inside My Documents. I had updated the Preferences section and iTunes decided to keep 2 copies of each file. One that worked and one that was a ghost entry.

So, I looked on instructions on how to update your itunes library and remove old file references. It took me an age and they were all very techie. So, I have tried to make a simple guide for the lay-man.

  1. Exit iTunes
  2. Backup your music if it is inside the iTunes folder (just in case)
  3. Open the “iTunes Library.itl” file with something like NotePad or Wordpad. Select all text (Ctrl+A) and delete. Make sure this is completely empty. Mine was located here  C:Documents and SettingsalandMy DocumentsMy MusiciTunes
  4. Open the “iTunes Music Library.xml” with something like Notepad and do a global search and replace of your old location with your new location. E.g. Find “C:Documents and SettingsProfileNameDesktopAdrian’s music” with “C:Documents and SettingsProfileNameMy DocumentsAdrian’s music”.
  5. And Save the XML file with the same name in the same location.
  6. Open iTunes. You will get a prompt that iTunes is rebuilding your library. It will take a while if you have a big archive. It will tell you that the library file is corrupt. Just follow the prompts and allow it to rebuild it all.
  7. Use iTunes as before. It should of kept your ratings, last played etc. It did for me.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.