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The My Destination annual conference

This time round the ‘family meet-up’ in a swanky hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. It was an increadibly intense week of presentations, workshops, discussions, and some socialising.

I just wanted to share 2 photos.

1. The most opulent room I have ever run a workshop in – just shows the scale of the Mandarin Oriental hotel or how important I am?!

SEO workshop room at the Mandarin Oriental hotel

And. 2. The closing party was fancy dress. Can you spot which one was me?

Closing party fancy dress

TED Video: We are all cyborgs now

I watched this video while waiting for the motorcycle breakdown recovery people with <1% battery on my phone and watching people stream out of the train station with phones glued to their ears, mobile in the 'compass' position and people still watching videos on their tablets. Everyone walking, in order, heads down. And then watching this video it struck a nerve. Look around on your commute in tomorrow and you will see this new anthropological view on the world.

Infographic: What a difference a plan makes

I love infographics and love then even more when they come from my own team. Here is the latest in the series talking about how it is better to plan ahead and get the true experience. That’s where people like My Destination come into their own with locally written, sourced and curated real-time content. I like it here – it really is the future.

an infographic from My Destination

Click to enlarge
Made by My Destination, locally informed, globally inspired travel guides and information.

Video: How encryption works

Saw this and thought it was interesting!

This YouTube video explains the theory of encryption. A must for any digi marketer who uses the internet. Its all around you. You should know what it is. You do you searches on httpS, your email, your VPN to the office, your banking and your shopping. So, pay attention!