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Management is like a pivot table

Today’s thought is that management is like a “pivot table”.

If you are smart, you do thinking, documents and data ONCE and then display and share the information in many different views.


  • You may need to do a high level exec summary = you give the answer
  • You need to do a high level summary to peers = you show the summed answers and the final answer
  • You need to share with a working group/committee = you share the work book with only the important columns and totals shows to give confidence that you can work out the answer
  • You need to prove you know how to work the answer = you share all hidden tabs, raw data and formulas

Thought for the day. Sometimes works like this.


The other day in a conversation about social media, its influence and is it worth measuring. As part of that conversation the collective came up with the term “Talkonomics”. So here is my attempt at a definition.

Talkonomics” – the study and measurement of conversations in social media.

And in a business context you could add,

Talkonomics” – the study and measurement of engagements (mentions and interactions) with groups or brands.

What do you think? Any other definitions?

Bandwidth & Bureaucracy

Where is Utopia?

Where is Utopia?

A long time since I made a post in this section of Jargon. On a call today, someone used, well almost one of these expressions that sparked a thought.

We all talk and die by prioritisation especially in larger companies. We aim to have as much bandwidth in terms of headcount and resources needed to do everything we need to do, quickly. Most of the time, we don’t have the bandwidth, and quite often we do have the bureaucracy.

That got me thinking. As I see if we only have 3 states.

  1. Bandwidth with Bureaucracy = Ideal working environment, well workable
  2. No Bandwidth with Bureaucracy = The Real world, which sucks!/li>
  3. Bandwidth without Bureaucracy = the unobtainable UTOPIA

Which one do you work in?