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Adrian Land mug shotWell here is the ego and most difficult page!

This site is a repository of thoughts, comments, ideas, list of things I would lose/forget normally.  And a place for me to mock the working world.  They are my personal opinions and is not meant to be too serious. Enjoy, stay, subscribe or keep on passing through.

I have been medling in performance marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) (in the good old days we called it Pay Per Click or even Cost Per Click), affiliates, usability, accessibility, site design, web analytics, banners and (retargeting), integrating them through other channels and all the usual web stuff now for nearly a decade.

During my time, from starting out in a large IT solutions company in a marcomms role when a corporate intranet was cutting edge, into the dot-com boom, through home language tuitution sales, holiday villas now to a large online travel agent; things have changed beyound recognition.  Although the ideas have got shiny-ier the fundamentals have remained the same.  Its got to be said that life has not been boring.

I started out coding in html, before there were versions! to managing agencies, controlling huge budgets, staff and internal expectations.  Now SEO evangelism is part of the course and everyone wants to get involved.

Still to this date; making incremental improvements or revolutionary changes are still exciting.  I still get a thrill of discovering something new. I just wish I could spend more time playing and developing the net rather than ensuring my employers benefit from them!

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