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Inbound Marketing presentation delivered at eTail Europe conf

Today I delivered this presentation at eTail Europe conference here in London, UK.

The title is “The future of SEO. Moving to a holistic inbound marketing strategy” with an earned media case-study thrown in for good measure.

I genuinely believe that in the future,  earning peoples attention will be the norm, rather than just pushing your way in front of them. By being, innovative, creative and “remarkable” then you will get more attention and loyalty than you could afford to buy.

In this presentation I try to lay out some history and context to the evolution of SEO and the changing search-scape. I introduce the new world of “inbound marketing” aka “earned media” or “content based marketing”.

Delivering this kind of campaign needs a lot of different skills. So, formulating a plan, organising “all of your brains” may need to organisational shift.  This stuff can be so much fun and hit multiple teams traditional objectives. SEO for links and social citations. For Social Media for Likes, RTs, shares, follows, subscribes. For branding, for PR,  to build loyalty and affinity with your brand. And many others.

The case study refers to My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket list. This is a campaign that SeSoMe delivered as an internal agency. Working with so many throughout the wider business and the franchise network. The 2nd half of the campaign starts in July when the winners travel for a full 6 months living like a local and ticking off their bucket list.

If you want to talk about this presentation or SeSoMe, just let me know.

Thanks to Joao for taking this picture from the audience.


Photo credit Joao da Costa

Photo credit Joao da Costa


How to manage your time

Over the years the pace of work has picked up. With emails, meeting, phone calls, dual-screening, open plan offices, remote teams, instant messengers, video conferene, flatter hierachies and requests coming in from above, below and from your peers. How do you organise your time.

Well, for those who know me, I love models. Here is my model I mentally use to triage my working (and personal) life.

Time Management model

My time management model

I would you to use this model and I bet it changes your working life!

A Penguin and Panda recovery story

Enjoyed this, some straight forward honesty with some real experimentation. A lot of us go through some of these things for personal and professional sites and most SEO have a number of personal play sites. Some good, some bad, some deliberately bad to act as a barometer. So, even an casestudy without domain names can confirm what you think you see in your own bubble. Thank you for sharing Michael.

A future speaking engagement

etailconferenceLater this month I will be doing a slot at the eTail. You can see a full list of speakers who range from all the major names from travel to retailing.

I am at 3:35pm on Track B on the main conference day 2, the 26th of June, here in London, UK.

Been working on my on deck, on-and-off this week and will be sharing around a holistic SEO/inbound marketing strategy, but also the halfway through results on a big attention grabbing campaign.



Google SERPs, GPlus integrated – new observation

Just seen in the SERPs that on the drop down menu where geeks [like me] would use to see the cached version of the page there is the option to “Share”.


Which takes you to a slim version of the share/post box.


If you try to share the same site/page again it will take you to the post you made on G+ profile posts stream.

Just something new I have just seen.

Talking about social effects on SERPs visibility

eyefortravelEarlier today an interview I did for EyeforTravel was published. It is in their Social Media and Marketing section.

I am talking, quite tactically how social media activities can impact your visibility in the SERPs.

This follows some recent posts I have done here about, my presentation at Traverse conference and a some thoughts about the future of SEO.