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#Traverse13 – my SEO presentation slides

At the weekend, I had the pleasure of being invited to speak at the inaugural Traverse Events’s travel blogger weekend down in [very] sunny Brighton. It was a busy old time, starting out on Friday nights reception which was definitely in high spirits, [many of which were served in small glasses!], followed by a full Saturday of workshops, discussions, pro-bars and a good amount of networking.  You can see the highs and lows via the event hashtag #traverse13.

It was great to talk to many of you who had entered our Biggest Baddest Bucket list competition, and to get positive feedback from even more who have, and will keep following it as the final winner is found and then travels.

Back on point. I was asked to share my slides from my workshops – so here is a slightly more workable slide-share version. I hope it makes sense without the commentary.  I am likely to publish a post about Author rank and how to setup for WordPress in a week after I get back from this weeks business trip to Spain.   Please do stay in touch via this site, Twitter or my G+.

In this presentation I try to explain

  • What SEO is today.
  • To explain the relationship between SEO, Social Media and Content.
  • To demystify what the Panda and Penguin Google updates where, and what that means for a travel blogger.
  • And, to give practical tips: 5 SEO & 5 Social media things to do today and a look future trends to prepare for.

Any comments or thoughts let me know.