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Infographic: What a difference a plan makes

I love infographics and love then even more when they come from my own team. Here is the latest in the series talking about how it is better to plan ahead and get the true experience. That’s where people like My Destination come into their own with locally written, sourced and curated real-time content. I like it here – it really is the future.

an infographic from My Destination

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Made by My Destination, locally informed, globally inspired travel guides and information.

TED video: Eli Pariser: Beware online “filter bubbles”

Standard search is over. The web knows everything about you. Content is already being prioritized for you based on what you do, where you are and how you access it.

The ‘internet’ is showing us what they think we need, rather than necessarily what we need to see. If everything is prioritized for you, by your own actions or your network/friends. Who has the right to say what you cant see? Censorship or helpfulness? Can we trust algos choose what we should see and more importantly what to leave out.

Check out this video. It should make you think. This is helping form my 2013 strategies. Personalisation is definitely on steroids now and will as a marketer we need to get ourselves included rather than accidently omitted. And personally, not to just accepted and to quote Eli Pariser, not to get stuck in my “filter bubble”.

I know how to use Google search!

I actually found this course a good refresher and also learnt a few new things that I had seen but not really used in any meaningful way. I have recommended this to a number of colleagues. You can register via their inside search blog.

My certificate from Google

My certificate from Google

If you are in the SEO or digi-marketing trade it may be worth doing, even if you think it is beneath you as some of the recent changes, the ones listed in the monthly updates they publish etc make more sense when you see how some of the things are used and the the presenters vocab!

How to change url behind the logo in WordPress

If you are running a blog alongside the main site or using wordpress to run in a subdomain you may want to update the standard logo click from returning a usage to the blog homepage to another location.

If you have a regular WordPress setup you can hack this together quite quickly.

Don’t forget to copy the contents to somewhere safe just in case you have a keyboard slip!

Follow these simple steps:-

  • In “Appearance”, choose “Editor”
  • From the right hand-side find the file called “header.php”
  • Use control+F [cmd+F for you pesky Mac users] to find
    <a href="'; bloginfo('url'); echo '/">
  • change it to
    <a href="HTTP://WWW.EXAMPLE.COM/">
    • However, if you update your theme you may loose your personal hacks/updates. If you clever and need to make many alterations, you should look into Child Themes, but that is for another day. Hope that helps a little.

GA’s new tag manager

If have gone down the GA route and have more than just the absolute basic installation this latest development may be really useful, it is GA’s Tag Manager.

From their video it all seems quite easy. The basics are:

  • Log in with your G account
  • Create a container – this will hold all tags on site
  • Your container code is generated, paste into every before the closing tag

This can contain any marketing, measurement tag e.g. conversion goals, event tracking, conditional logic and the like. These containers can hold Google and other 3rd party codes which is helpful.

You pick up your ids from adwords interface and other places, and if you get it wrong you can make real-time changes, so no need to wait for a release or dev involvement.

See their video for more details.