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Index status. New in Google’s webmaster central

Google have just released another new toy inside their webmaster tools. As many of these tools they provide shapes that you need to read [like tarot cards] in context to what you have done onsite.

You can find the tool under Health and then Index Status.

I use the screen grab of this personal blog. I can see that since February Panda (coincidence?) that more of my pages have been found. I definitely haven’t produced that much extra content!

Index status inside GWMC tools

Index status inside GWMC tools

I remember the days when we would manually log this figure using the site: command in the search box.

There is an advanced view too – see screengrab below for the buttons location.

Index status - Advanced view

Index status – Advanced view

Here you will see the breakdown. Showing how many unique pages that have been crawled, how many have been taken into their database, how many not selected and how many you are blocking by robots. So, if you made a change you can see it take affect.

Lets see if it becomes useful overtime. I hope they join the data to other sections of crawl stats and more importantly crawl errors.