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How to put an embed code box in your post

If you need to use an embed code section on your site to get this effect. This is example embed code from a live example infographic we recently put lived.

To embed our infographic/image/assets to your wordpress blog or site, simply just cut and paste the code below:

You need to use a few different tags and attributes including

  • textarea to get the box
  • cols and rows for the width and height of the textarea
  • onclick for how to select all the text
  • And the usual stuff for the image source and links

Your code will look something like this:

<textarea id="copytext" cols="60" rows="5" onclick="SelectAll('copytext'); pageTracker._trackEvent(['Infographics', 'copy_share', 'embed_code']);">
<a href=""><img src="" alt="Alt text" width="490px" height="4605px" border="0"></a>
<p>Made by My Company with credits and maybe a link.</p>

Hope that helps. We all learn through doing!