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The other day in a conversation about social media, its influence and is it worth measuring. As part of that conversation the collective came up with the term “Talkonomics”. So here is my attempt at a definition.

Talkonomics” – the study and measurement of conversations in social media.

And in a business context you could add,

Talkonomics” – the study and measurement of engagements (mentions and interactions) with groups or brands.

What do you think? Any other definitions?

My only Front page – back in 2002

My Revolution Magazine front cover - 2002

My Revolution Magazine front cover - 2002

As an egoistical kind of guy and deeply insecure, whenever I am asked to get involved in the trade press such as NMA, or others I generally agree. Maybe its my deep seated need to be liked 🙂 or to prove to others I may actually know something. Its definately not because I am photogenic.

Anyway I found these old pictures on a CD-ROM (remember those?) from my only cover shoot ! It actually dates back to July 2002 on a magazine called Revolution. Which is part of Haymarket and their site has closed and is now pointed to BrandRepublic.

If I don’t put them here – they may be lost!

Oh, I was working at Linguaphone, which was/is a language education publisher. There they stupidly let me own their digital channel. So this article was talking about selling on the internet (me part) and the company was launching into online learning via the internet which was properly revolutionary at the time.

Here is the inside spread. If you wanted to read the article I have just found it on their really old archive.

Revolution magazine - inside spread

Revolution magazine - inside spread