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Interesting reading – week 16 2010

I can read you know!

Migrating a site and following best practice is a nerve ranking time and when the latest discussion of losing some value through the server side 301 redirect hit the SEO community there was a flood of discussion, some useful and some not.  The disadvantage of being a corporate SEO is the level of detail I personally can share about my employer, but some can and some also can talk generally.  There was a nice article on Seer Interactive called “how much link juice are you losing”. It is worth a read and shows similar patterns that I have seen a number of times.  Its nice to know other are having the same joys as I am.

In the same vein, after some major overalls here to the day job (multi-billion dollar business) at a global level, moving >70 sites, and in some places technology & platform too, there is always the debate about domains. Should it TLDs or ccTLDs, which is best, which is worse.  People selling a service or that ideology supports their company stance are always very vocal and incredibly noisy.  And they can be as people who have actually done it for real cant talk about it.  And as per my comments above, when some are able to, its interesting to see their thoughts.  I liked this blog, and the first article I saw on their site – well done Antezeta for your domains and SEO article.  The short answer, is that it depends.  Depends on your particialar situation, what it is going to be like the future, what makes sense to your business. What are the business objectives and resources. The list goes on.  But as a corporate SEO, you have to make workable, winnable, best-fit decisions all day long !

SEOBook’s Aaron Wall posted a cynical (that’s good in my book) argument around renting links and search spam and a grumble about the level of SE policing. And then how content farms are low quality and that SE’s are generally the worst offenders of ‘scraping’ other peoples content and making it work for their own ends. And the bit I liked were the comments about how community sites allow outbound links, then they get big and call out the “SPAM!” card, nofollow all the hard links and the people who supplied content in good faith, lose their hard work, well ‘payment’ for it. Well written article and I thought worth a mention.

One for the day job to care about! We have known about this for months and actively been supplying our data for this test, but when Google announced that they were going to show hotel prices on their SERPs it could be seen as a ‘butt-clenching’ moment for SEO. My favourite public write up after their announcement went out to the wider world was on John Battelle’s site, I liked the title – “Experiement to freak out Expedia and”, We will see what happens and if this is the death of the body terms in hotel/travel industry.

And my fun sites to watch at the moment are SEOBullshit and always a bit of Seth.

2010 SEO Conferences

Which are the major SEO Conferences in 2010? Well, you cant attend them all and the budget to send the team is progressively thin, so what to attend and who should go. Here are my list of contenders for twenty-10.

April 2010

May 2010

June 2010

August 2010


October 2010

November 2010

You should plan your campaigns around holidays!

Do you need excuses for why trading was bad or just to plan your campaigns properly.

Seasonality plays a big part of a campaigns success or failure so knowing when there is a public, religious or even a school holiday is essential.

One of the challenges my marketing colleagues have is that they run remote markets. They may be from that country, lived there for many years but I bet they don’t have a encyclopedic memory!

Choose your country from a drop down menu on Time and Date for a (ugly) list.  You can look up individual events by destination or country on What’s on When, a Frommer’s company. You can try to be clever and use Google squared, see this UK Holidays example.

But my current favourite, mainly as it is very clear and I like grids is International holiday calendar (this link goes to UK focus, year = 2010) calendar from Swiss Post.

International Holiday Calendar

Screen grab of International Holiday Calendar

If you have any others let me know and I will add them here.