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Nomined for a Travolution 2009 award

As I sat at my table for the Travolution awards 2009 flicking through the programme of events I was suprised to see my name.  After a double take, it was me and I was nominated for the “Rising star of the year” award.  I am not sure what the criteria was/is (still don’t), but nice to be nominated anyway.

So, got a bit excited.  Talked myself out of it, then with all the winning that one of my agencies (BigMouthMedia) did for another one of their clients !! (Where was our nomination by the way?) I got a bit excited and actually thought I could win.

But no……. The winner was Alex Gisbert.  And at least we are in the same stable of brands.  Well done Alex.

Here for my own reminiscing is a screen capture of the nomination.

Travolution Awards 2009

Travolution Awards 2009

How to check your Caffeine status

Who needs some caffeine?

Who needs some caffeine?

First of all, what is all this Google Caffeine.  A bit of old news, but a quick recap to contextualise this link below.

This is an update to Google’s underlying infrastructure and a rebuild of the code to handle their index and runtime indexes.

If you look at the video on MC’s blog.  MC talks about it and it is quite straight forward set of changes most businesses do or should do.  In the long term for businesses with fresh content, timely information, who are continually growing, it should be a good thing.

I am sure at the time, you were asked by some high ranking colleagues about your future rankings.  You will still need to do it one term at a time, but this on the Sembience site is a useful Caffeine checking tool.

Bandwidth & Bureaucracy

Where is Utopia?

Where is Utopia?

A long time since I made a post in this section of Jargon. On a call today, someone used, well almost one of these expressions that sparked a thought.

We all talk and die by prioritisation especially in larger companies. We aim to have as much bandwidth in terms of headcount and resources needed to do everything we need to do, quickly. Most of the time, we don’t have the bandwidth, and quite often we do have the bureaucracy.

That got me thinking. As I see if we only have 3 states.

  1. Bandwidth with Bureaucracy = Ideal working environment, well workable
  2. No Bandwidth with Bureaucracy = The Real world, which sucks!/li>
  3. Bandwidth without Bureaucracy = the unobtainable UTOPIA

Which one do you work in?

iPhone crash – how to reboot

iphone crash

iphone crash

iPhone crash – how to reboot. Control-Alt-Delete for the iPhone is what I needed to do.

After some playing around and confirming that there are only two buttons, with no secret trap doors! That I would hold the top on/hold button and the Home button both down until they do something.

The screen will go blank, then you see the Apply logo and your back up and running. You don’t loose any data or apps.

Good luck.

iPhone has a RSS reader kindof



I was struggling to find a free RSS reader for my iPhone.  Ideally I was hoping that there was going to be one of the parts of the Google Apps to make Reader work smoothly, but No!

Google reader works quite well in the web interface in horizontal mode, so not all too bad.

But I did find by accident, that the iPhone has a free RSS reader kind of built into the Safari browser.

If you view a RSS feed, you can book mark it and it is effectively a RSS reader.  Not that slick, but fully functional.  Think I will just use the web Reader version.